When visiting Las Vegas, you’ll always want to make a stop at the Car Auction Las Vegas. This iconic event showcases a dazzling array of vehicles, from classic collectibles to exotic supercars, all under one roof. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or simply appreciate the beauty of automobiles, the Car Auction Las Vegas promises an unforgettable experience. Explore the latest models, bid on your dream car, or simply marvel at the craftsmanship on display. With something for every automotive enthusiast, a visit to the Car Auction Las Vegas is a must-do during your time in Sin City.

The place is where you can enjoy lavishness at its best. No need to drain your savings for the best ride to help you explore Vegas. You can check your options at a Ferrari 355 car rental in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Ferrari 355 is one of the most sought after sports car built by the Italian manufacturer between 19994 and 1999. It is the evolution of its stablemate the Ferrari 348. Enjoy one of the best rides in the world by checking out some Ferrari 355 car rental in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Enjoy the two-seater sports coupe with its powerful V8 engine. The power plant in the engine bay got a displacement improvement to make the ride more exhilarating.

The first two models of the Ferrari 355 were released as the Berlinetta and the GTS. A convertible Spider variant was rolled out of the assembly line in 1995.

An F1 version came also came out and introduced the paddle gear style in the brand. The semi automatic transmission made driving of this 5-valve per cylinder car an exciting and easy one.

A Ferrari 355 Serie Fiorano was the last batch of cars produced under the series.

Red is the usual name of the game for the Ferrari 355. A color that will have the eyes of other people locked onto your ride as you pass by the casinos, hotels, and clubs at the Vegas Strip.

By the way – if you have a little more money to spend on a rental Ferrari in Las Vegas, here’s some other options:

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