You can’t possibly feel the need for speed more than when you go for a Dodge Viper GTS Car Rental in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some people may reason that it’s probably not worth it because you can’t put your engine on full throttle anyways if you’re only going to cruise the main streets of Vegas.

Wrong. A Dodge Viper GTS Car Rental in Las Vegas, Nevada allows you to enjoy the speed of the car off-city, and the prestige once you’re back in it. No car can beat the sleek exterior of the Dodge. Codenamed “snake eyes” from yesteryears, no idiot would miss to recognize the markings of the king of the road.


And did we mention that its engine can let you drive at a ridiculously high 200 mile/hour speed? The Dodge Viper comes with a V12 engine that produces 500 hp of power and 500 pound-feet of maximum torque.

If you’re looking for a real man’s toy, you should have no second guesses about renting the Dodge GTS. It’s the perfect car to impress the ladies, and satisfy your craving for smooth, clean, fast driving.
The GTS also boasts of lightweight carbon body, impeccable aerodynamics, and a racing-inspired interior. You’ll feel like a five-year-old who got his dream toy for Christmas when you rent this exotic car—only, you’re a big five year old. You’re paying good money to experience your dream toy, and you don’t lie around waiting for Christmas.

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